Product Overview

Dachuan GS300 security SoC is based on the domestic T-head dual-core CPU heterogeneous security encryption architecture, the overall system breakthrough credible CPU and safety CPU is used to build the trusted execution environment and eSE embedded security unit, using 19 customizable security mechanism, prevent time attack, power analysis attack, error injection and buffer overflow attack types, which can effectively prevent sensitive data from being attacked, security key information transmission and security, stability and reliability of device to connect.

Structure Diagram


T-head Dual-Core

  • CK802x1
  • CK803Sx1

Working Frequency

  • Maximum frequency:200MHz

Power Supply Voltage

  • 2.7V~5.5V


  • Flash: 1MB
  • SRAM: 384KB

Temperature Range

  • -40℃~+85℃


  • Obtained National Encryption Level 2
  • Support SM1/SM2/SM3/SM4
  • Security protocols: IEK, ESP, tunnel mode, TCP/IP protocol stack


  • Ethernet MAC
  • UART
  • SPI
  • DMA
  • GPIO
  • RTC


  • BGA49
  • QFP128


  • Charging pile, smart agriculture, video encryption, SCADA and network terminal