Product Overview

Dachuan GS500 is a highly integrated security SoC, based on the domestic T-head multi-core heterogeneous architecture, using high-performance system of CK810F CPU to handle system workload and run Linux operating system.Integrated rich system IP and peripheral IP, including USB 2.0 dual role controller, DDR2/3 controller, NAND flash controller, GMAC, SDIO 2.0, etc.Two CK803S CPUs were used to realize real-time response.Rich security IP (AES, DES, SHA, SM2/4);Support anti - fuse - out OTP, can realize key storage and restricted access to CPU.

Structure Diagram


T-head Quad-Core

  • CK802x1
  • CK803Sx2
  • CK810Fx1

Working Frequency

  • Maximum frequency:600MHz


  • SDRAM interface is compatible with JEDEC DDR2/DDR3
  • 16-bit SRAM NAND 512KB, up to 1600Mbps/bitbr> 8-bit SPI NOR Flash controller data, up to 50MHzbr> 4-bit SPI NOR Flash controller data, up to 50MHzbr>


  • Compliance with National Encryption Level 2
  • Support SM2/SM4, SHA-1/2
  • Supports 256-bit AES and 192-bit 3DES, ECC


  • Ethernet MAC
  • USB
  • I2Cx4
  • UARTx9
  • SPIx3
  • LCD
  • PWM
  • GPIO
  • RTC
  • SDIO
  • ADC


  • Industrial AMI, HMI system, industrial network controller and charging pile, etc